about us

The identity and history of AKTENA PACKAGING is fundamentally interwined with the need of the development of the field of bags for retail groups and chains through the most advanced globally technologies, meaningful and effective patters of environmental friendliness,  compliance with new European Directives, targets for green circular economy and sustainability. 

The company has a pioneering scientific base, being inspired by Engineers, of Koumantanos family.

Nowadays our shareholders, directors, personnel and departments offer the highest available existing combination of know-how and competitiveness in the field of “Environmentally Friendly Bags and Packaging”.

We are pleased to be the reference point on National and International level, supporting long term supply co-operations for large Groups and retail chains in Greece, European Union, the USA and in totally 7 countries.

One of our awarded fields is Aftergreen – what is following Green?  – a deeper and further expansion of what does it mean to actively contribute to the balance of nature without loosing practicality and without being restricted to observing only the finished product, but the path behind it. To summarize this, a simple example would be an electric car being charged with electricity from diesel generators. A truly aftergreen approach is the electric car to be charged with electricity from renewable sources. The same stands for the products of packaging industry, bags, packs which are used in millions of tonnes per day globally – how do we arrive to constant movement whereby, every year the human systems would be closer to sustainable, renewable, neutral overall footprint. We specialize in offering these products to the high-end blue-chip retail chains of the world. An amazing number of chains are working already extremely actively towards this direction with us.


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